The Escape Plan

What do you do if you have a small budget or not a lot of vacation time? Should you just call it quits and hope for better next year? I don’t think so… I would say a great option for you would be the “quick” getaway.

You can have a lot of fun, some great relaxation and build fantastic memories even on a small trip. You can also save a lot of money:). If you generally work Monday through Friday, you can really make the most of your time off AND your getaway by planning it over the weekend to get some “free” days included. For instance, take a Friday through Tuesday mini vacay and only use 3 vacation days for your 5 day getaway! The key to going over a weekend is to plan your days accordingly. For the attractions and activities that will be busier over the weekend, instead go on Monday or Tuesday and save your relaxation for the weekend.

Choose a destination closer to home to accommodate for a more relaxing getaway or go the other direction and make the travel time, the time on the road, the getaway itself. There would be no truer road trip!

You can use the quick getaway as a way to economize and still take a vacation, or if you have a large budget but not a lot of time, go all out. If you’re going to go all out, you may want to start with location and accommodation and go from there. Choose a top of the line hotel to inn that offers a little extra, maybe a spa, a unique experience, or other luxury amenities. With the right lodging, the getaway could be spent lounging and relaxing right in one place. If that’s not what you’re looking for, check online for nearby attractions or shopping that suites you.

landscape-1470335671-clx1206out-557If you want to vacation but have limited time AND a very limited budget, look for a getaway that isn’t too far away to save on fuel and shop around for the best deals on lodging that include breakfast each day. Check Yelp for the best- priced, best quality restaurants. Plan ahead for any attractions you’ll want to visit. If you do your research, you can generally find a lot of fun things to do for free or very little. Things like hiking, biking, swimming, window shopping and parks are usually completely free.

Many people love camping and you can achieve an amazing “quick”camping trip at a campground with trails, swimming, fishing and other activities all included in one place. If you go this route, make sue you check the amenities and reviews before booking your campground. If possible, talk with people that you know and trust about which campgrounds they have used that offer the best experience. The wrong campground could ruin your getaway, this I know from experience…

Don’t let limited time or budget keep you from getting away and making memories with your loved ones. Time is limited, spend it well. The road is waiting…

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