For the Love of Travel

From sea to shining sea, this country has a bounty of beauty for everyone. The best way to see this amazing home of ours is to take a road trip, or maybe several hundred. For those that love travel and invite the unexpected discovery along the way, read on.

1530926489194Snowy peaks, white sand beaches, towering forests and endless miles of road to take you there. This country is a fantastic patchwork of magnificence. The landscape changes, sometimes gradually, sometimes quite suddenly, and each change brings with it awe and wonder if you take the time to appreciate it.

It’s never too late to begin…

My love of road tripping was born at a very young age. I loved watching the scenery change as we traveled across the country, my dad behind the wheel. I was amazed at how much change I could witness in one day. It wasn’t just the change from forests to fields and then mountains it was the change in flora and fauna too. The types of trees and fields you could see. Then there was the excitement of trying to spot different types of wildlife than I was used to. Being from Michigan, whitetail deer and hawks were everywhere but you never saw an alligator by the road. There weren’t signs telling you to watch out for wild Burros or wild boar. I would spend hours on the watch for interesting animals. I still do…

I must admit, after having children, my love of travel actually increased. I wanted to show my kids everything there was to see in this amazing world, starting with this gorgeous country of ours. I wanted to experience it with them, every natural wonder this land has to offer, every amazing cityscape, every quirky little town and oddball attraction. I wanted to make them our memories together.

The same is true for my husband. I want to experience adventures together. I want to spend a romantic Christmastime in Vermont, spend a week on the beach in a bungalow on the ocean, hike the amazing forests of the northwest. Don’t you?

I LOVE spending hours in the car with my loved ones, seeing what we can see, sharing stories and music and the time that is so precious in this life. I love making memories, creating the stories that get passed down over time through the family. Experiencing life together is SO important.  Discovering new things together brings us closer, it gives us common bonds.  In a world where no one is speaking face to face and everyone is glued to a screen, we need to be very deliberate about creating real bonds.  It is quality AND quantity.

I dare you to dream big, I challenge you to ponder the possibilities.  Discover. Experience.  It’s not too late…Do it for your family. Do it for the love of travel.

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