Remembering Memories

How do we memorialize our vacations?

Today’s article will be short, just a few suggestions for commemorating our awesome adventures.

First, keep your notes and itineraries. You never know if you’ll want them again or you might be able to bless someone else with them.

Next, take a journal with you to capture the wonderful quotable quotes and stories while they’re fresh. Use it to take note of the unplanned stops you made along the way. You’ll want to keep track of where to find some unexpected gems for future travels.

vacationphotosDon’t hold back on taking pictures and short videos. Make your smartphone work for you. I would suggest creating a shared album with those you are traveling with so that all of the pictures are all in one spot and you can enjoy everyone’s photos and you actually end up in some of them without a selfie pose. It’s not like the old days where you had to conserve film and you didn’t know how any turned out until two weeks after you got home. Each night, take a couple of minutes and delete the ones that didn’t turn out and add then to the shared album while you’re on WiFi so you do not run out of room and you aren’t left doing it all at once.

gt03augmsl_binder_xlIf you’re a scrapbooker, hang on to the tickets, maps and brochures you collect along the way. Take a folder to hold everything together.

Many people have jumped onto the bandwagon of photo books, which is fantastic. You can choose your favorite pictures from the trip and include quotes or short descriptions. I love looking at other people’s photo books. They make great coffee table books and you and your travel companions can pull them out and go through them occasionally. Make one for each trip you take.

My favorite way to memorialize the adventure is to make a short trip movie. Using the photos and videos from your shared album, you put together a movie using iMovie or whatever app works for you and use a song from your road trip playlist as the soundtrack. This way you can include videos in your tribute and relive the journey again and again. These are often more interesting to those you are sharing your adventure with back home.

Whatever you decide to do, I challenge you to take time to remember your memories often.

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