You Mean We SAVE Money?!


I will admit that on our first big family trip, we drove simply because it was too expensive to fly with a family of five and because the children were small, I looked for things to do along the way so they could have much needed breaks from the car. BUT, I am so glad I did! The trip to and from our destination, which happened to be Florida, was a blast!

If you have trouble finding money in your budget for vacations, I get it. As a quick sidebar, because I care, I will advise NEVER to go into debt for a vacation. If you cannot pay cash, it’s not time to go yet. A credit card is NOT the way to take a vacation. Don’t add stress to your life by paying for years for that one trip and in the end paying at least twice as much with interest. I will say it’s worth it to put some aside each month, even if it’s just a little bit, and instead of buying a new tv with your tax refund, stick it in your travel budget- Presto! Adventure awaits!


With all of the fees and restrictions of air travel and the price of tickets ever- climbing, road trips are an economical choice. If you don’t have a reliable vehicle or yours doesn’t get great gas mileage, it’s very affordable to rent a car. Watch for specials and deals among your local rental companies. When you rent, you aren’t putting all of those miles on your personal vehicle and of something happens to go wrong (nothing ever has in our many travels), you just make a phone call and voila, you have a replacement vehicle and another story to tell!

You can take all of your favorite “road snacks” and stop and eat when you feel like, spending what is comfortable on the budget rather than not eating for almost an entire day because of flight schedules and then being forced to eat over- priced airport food, hard on the budget and hard on the tummy. You can even stop off at the grocery store and get some bread and lunch meat and really save. You can stay on a regular meal cycle which is especially important for kids and not spend the entire next day feeling horrible for getting off track and eating to heavily and too late. A road trip is really the healthier option all around 🙂

You will find that you have extra money to stop and do those cool things along the way that actually charge something, although most don’t. You don’t have to buy special luggage or travel- sized everything; just bring what you already own.

Road- tripping is an economical way to travel whether it’s you and your friends/ family or just you. I challenge you to try it and see how you feel. Let’s grab some snacks and hit the road…

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