What Have You Been Missing?

In a world where everyone knows what everyone else had for lunch and what series they just binge watched, I thought I’d share a little about myself.

I’ve been taking road trips since I was a kid and I’ve loved them from the beginning. Trips from my hometown in northern Michigan to Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, Wyoming, California, as I got older, trips to Virginia, Massachusetts, Washington D.C. , Maine and Canada and from Virginia to North Carolina during my short time living there. I’ve been privileged to see much of what this amazing country has to offer.

I’m now middle- aged, married, with three amazing children. I’ve lived most of my life in the beautiful state of Michigan. If you’ve not visited us, you should. We have miles upon miles of shoreline (4 out of 5 Great Lakes prefer Michigan:), forests, farms, dunes, islands (believe it or not), waterfalls, cityscapes and rolling hills. We boast a national park, two fantastic peninsulas, a city that transports you back in time with horse and carriage and no cars allowed, and a giant suspension bridge among other things.


My family and I have spent countless hours in the car headed for adventure, on the lookout for memories to be made along the way. Many of our favorite times come from these road trips. The flea market where my daughter Maddi was consistently drawn by some unknown force toward the junk tent with the plastic swimming frog in the kiddie pool out front. The time my husband exclaimed, “Look how fast that thing’s going!” He was referring to a stationary rock in the river in Buffalo, New York with water rushing against it:) We will never let him forget that one… The time we ran across a real deal country store in Vermont with country goods and games. And of course, the classic Florida Welcome Center with your choice of fresh squeezed orange juice or grapefruit juice. These are just a drop in the bucket of the fun memories we have and we are always excited for more.


Right here in our great nation, it’s not just the awesome beauty of the natural wonders which would honestly be enough, it’s also the vibrant cities, the quirky small towns and all of the amazing food and shops, the fascinating historical sites and awesome architecture. It’s all of those incredible sights and experiences that you didn’t even know existed, that wouldn’t be a destination in and of themselves but are marvelous nonetheless.

It’s the time you can spend with your favorite people, making memories that will last a lifetime; creating those stories that become family legend. In this day and age when we all know we need to slow down and prioritize, we can make a decision to make our time count.

I dare you to dream again- where do you want to go? What memories do you want to make? With whom?

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