In the car… now what?

IMG_0455So what do you do with the hours that tick by while you’re rollin’ down road? The options are really endless and vary as much as people do. Here is short article with a few ideas to get you started and make your time on the road as much a part of the fun as the destination.

Idea #1 Make a “mixed tape” type playlist with all of your favorite travel tunes to sing Mixtape-2along to. Have different genres to choose from. Make it fun and see how many “travel” songs or songs that hint at your destination as possible. How about John Denver Country Roads or Route 66 by Nat King Cole?

Idea #2Find some new podcasts including some comedians and learn and laugh together:)

Idea #3If there are 2 or more of you traveling, take along a few Mad Lib books and give
yourself a fun reminder of the parts of speech while you put together a hilariously non-sensical story.9780843125498__84561.1524670994.220.290

classic-booksIdea #4 Listen to a recorded book that appeals to all travelers. Take time to stop it and have mini book club discussions along the way. If you’re going to be on the road for quite awhile, try starting a series. It’s also a great way to get in some of the Classics that you haven’t taken time to read.


travel_games1+copyIdea #5There are always the tried and true road games like travel bingo (for even more fun, create your own bingo that appeals to your sense of humor:), the alphabet game, the license plate collecting game, or if you have super-chatty little ones, institute the Quiet Game!


Idea #6Familiarize yourself with the wildlife of the area and be on the lookout for some superb nature.

Idea #7Keep and eye to for the MOST AMAZING places to stop and discover something new!

I think you have a great start, if you have any other amazing suggestions email me and let me know! It’s time to hit the road and make some memories… let’s go.IMG_0490

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