Camping, Glamping and Yurts

Love camping? I don’t :). The fantastic news for all of us that break out in hives at the thought of sleeping in a tent and don’t own an RV or camper is that camping has evolved somewhat…. While some people love camping, be it rustic or RV, others, like me, give it a very wide berth. Maybe you’re one of those lovers of nature who want to be completely submersed in it; bugs, rain, sticks and all. You love sleeping in accommodations that have flap rather than a door. That’s great!While that’s not me… at all… I appreciate the love of camping. I think it’s a fantastic way to create memories with your family, good, bad and hilarious. Some of the best vacation stories I’ve heard have revolved around the game of chance that is camping.

There are so many incredible campgrounds in some of the most amazing places throughout the country. If campingis what you enjoy, I challenge you to start making a list of campgrounds that meet the standards of your bucket list and then start putting together a plan to actually visit them all! I know, it’s all a novel idea, time to get crazy ;).

The evolution of camping means we can now say welcome to the age of GLAMPING and Yurts!! What is Glamping you ask? What in the world is a yurt you inquire? Well… Glamping is camping for people who hate camping! It’s subversive nature without the work and rocks in your back. Yurts, beside being super fun to say, are a sort of portable round tent structure that are more like a tiny round house. Some are rustic, but others are built for comfort and ease. Again, nature without zipper flaps and sticks in your back. 🙂

This new trend in glamping and yurts means that there are quite a few places to choose from if you want a camping- like experience. Some are pretty fantastic. Check out some of these.

The choices will make you eager to try out this new version of camping!

I challenge you to give something new a try. Find the place that you most want to experience and start planning, or better yet, let me plan you a road trip to remember for details and rates. Time to hit the road!

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