Hobby Roadtrips


Is there something that you love to do that you find revives you? If you could choose to do anything this weekend regardless of weather or expense, what would it be? Would you hit the trails, hit the beach, or hit the links perhaps?
Hobbies are a fantastic way to de-stress and there are many hobbies one could revolve a vacation around. When you plan a hobby road trip, you can visit stops along a chosen route taking some time to refresh doing something you love! When you hit the road you aren’t limited to your chosen destination, you can see and do more all along the way. Maybe THE WAY is the vacation…


For me, road tripping itself could be considered a hobby. While I was growing up, my family and I would just go for a drive. Maybe it was Sunday afternoon and my Dad would announce, “We’re going for a ride,” and we would hop in the car and head out to the ‘back north’ road and see what we could see. We might see some whitetail deer, maybe a fox or two, there was always the possibility of a bear or bobcat. We might go in the spring when the hardwood forest floors were blanketed in white and red trilliums as as you could see. We might hop out and see if we can find some ‘Jack-in-the-pulpits’ or ‘Boys-n-girls’. Sometimes we would run across some wintergreen berries to chew on, maybe some leeks or wild clover. Finding adventure together, piled in the car was a favorite past-time for all of us.

There are a number of activities you can base you vacation around. Maybe you’re a skier/ snowboarder and LOVE to hit the slopes in Park City, Utah. You can take a road trip and hit some major slopes in neighboring cities and states, possibly spend a couple of days in Aspen or Vail on the way. Maybe you want to try the winter sports in Stowe, Vermont and you can swing by and try some other slopes on the way.


Winter sports or snow in general isn’t your thing? Perhaps a golf vacation is more your speed. There are a plethora of amazing courses across our great nation; why settle for just one or two in a single destination? Why not hit the links all along the way and see a variety of scenery? Some of the best views in the country are on golf courses.
You like the sun and but golf makes you crazy? Possibly a beach vacation sounds amazing. There are so many amazing beaches along our shores- don’t limit yourself, stop at a variety of them. Try all of the different types of coastlines and varieties of sand. They are not all created equal 😉


Love antiquing? You can revolve your whole holiday around fantastic finds in towns all along a chosen route. Imagine the variety of things you could find picking through shelves and racks in all different states.


The possibilities are as endless as the number of hobbies people enjoy. Whether it’s shopping, hiking, white- water rafting, biking, photography or cooking, there is a road trip for you!

While wine tours have been around a long time, culinary tours, foodie tours and brewery tours are becoming more and more popular, making them more and more common. Who wouldn’t want to take a vacation where the focus is eating?

I challenge you to write out a list of at least three things you love to do. Things that refresh you. Then take a moment and think about the possibilities if you were to plan an entire vacation around them. What would you do first?

Let’s start planning and hit the road to discover our new favorite places…

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