Where Do You Want To Go?

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? For many, the answer would be somewhere international. I agree. But let’s take a moment and consider where you would go, where you haven’t been, right here in our own amazing and diverse country. I’m writing from the wonderful US of A, where you can see forests, ocean, prairies, swamps, desert and mountains all in one great nation.

Don’t take for granted the beauty and amazingness of what there is to offer right here in your own back yard so to speak. AND, you don’t even need a passport or deal with customs to go from state to incredible state. Each state has it’s own marvelous sights and secrets. Take some time to discover them.

To start, if you haven’t considered this before, make it easy and choose a well- known destination. If you’ve got elementary aged children (at least 6 or 7 I would say), head to the wonder of DisneyWorld. If you love nature or amazing scenery, choose one of our amazing National Parks. If you love the city and consider yourself a “foodie”, maybe your destination should be one of our amazing metropolitan areas. If you love the beach, you’re in luck, our country offers all different kinds, whether ocean or lake. The possibilities are endless. We have an abundance of landmarks worth your consideration. Love mountains? We’ve got several! Possibly, there is a type of activity you love that can determine your destination, such as skiing or shopping. We’ve got something for everyone.

I challenge you to take some time and consider your top 5 destination goals right here at home. Adventure awaits!

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