Know What You’re Getting

We live in an age of information overload. Often it is too much.  It becomes static, white noise in our lives, but we can definitely use all of this information to our advantage. It seems everyone these days feels compelled to to give their opinion on just about everything so the internet is chock full of reviews.

Whether you’re headed out for a bite to eat in your own hometown or packing up the car for a good ol’ road trip, I suggest checking the ratings and reviews.

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When Should We Go?

Age Appropriate Vacations

I’ve witnessed many people spend time and money on a vacation that wasn’t entirely age appropriate for all participants. It’s like seeing the woman in the airport wearing 3-inch heels… it just doesn’t make sense.  This happens most often with young families but applies to everyone.

Really consider what each traveler can actually take in. If you have very small children, reconsider that amusement park. Check to see how tall/ old they need to be to ride the rides and participate in the activities. An amusement park, for a small child that is still taking naps or is in diapers, will not be much fun. In general, it will cause more stress and discomfort than it’s worth. Just wait to spend all of that money when everyone can enjoy the rides, walk themselves the whole time and really remember the trip. Continue reading When Should We Go?

Where Do You Want To Go?

If you could go anywhere, where would you go? For many, the answer would be somewhere international. I agree. But let’s take a moment and consider where you would go, where you haven’t been, right here in our own amazing and diverse country. I’m writing from the wonderful US of A, where you can see forests, ocean, prairies, swamps, desert and mountains all in one great nation.

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