Are You Sure You Want To Do This?

Who doesn’t love a great road trip? If you’re thinking you don’t, you’re doing it wrong! It’s such a great way to see what’s around you, the awesomeness of creation, AND if you’re not in the car alone (which would be a blast too), it’s a fantastic way to spend quality time with your favorite people making amazing memories. I am SO passionate about this, I don’t know where to begin! In the midst of the stress and demands of today’s world, we need a break, time to decompress and enjoy the life we’re generally rushing through without looking around. We tend to carry that attitude into our vacations and getaways, rushing to the airport and enduring the grueling process of today’s air travel; essentially ruining the bookends of your awesome vacation.

Some may argue that flying affords you more time at your destination and while that is true, I challenge you to allow a paradigm shift here. In general I think we can agree that air travel is extremely tiring and frustrating, allowing you zero control over that entire portion of your trip- you are at the mercy of airlines, flight schedules and the wind. You may arrive hours or even days earlier but your first “vacation day” is spent in the airport or squished into a tiny airplane seat and day two is spent recovering from that exhausting day. Then, at the other end, the last vacation day is spent in the same manner, wishing you had the ability to teleport to your nice cozy bed at home. Meanwhile you’re missing out on all that can be experienced between point A and point B and the precious quality time with your companions because we all know that airports/ planes are not at all conducive to good conversation. Let’s make the journey a part of the fun rather than something to be endured. Instead we all cocoon ourselves into our own little world with noise cancelling headphones so we don’t have to hear the baby crying or the guy that doesn’t understand the concept of using our indoor voices. YOU KNOW IT’S TRUE! Let’s discover what you’re missing, the trips that could’ve been or still could be, if you’re ready for adventure.

I challenge you to think about what could be possible if you change your perspective about what a vacation looks like. Let’s hit the road, ready for adventure.

3 thoughts on “Are You Sure You Want To Do This?”

  1. I like the idea of vacation beginning the moment we drive out of the driveway. But, what if the driver is more concerned about “getting there” (i.e., take the expressway), then to stop stop and smell the roses along the way? Any ideas?


    1. There are a couple of ways to look at that. First, if you have to go but need to get there quickly, driving rather than flying is still a great option given the freedom it gives you. You can leave when you want and stop when you want, you are on your time rather than a flight schedule/ airport timetable. You can also still save money on driving because you have more options for food, etc. With any given trip I would weigh your options and make the best choice for you in that particular circumstance. Second, if you have enough time to prepare the trip in advance and you know when you need to be at your destination, you can always build in extra time to smell the roses along the way. Often, the time restrictions are only one direction and you can do your “meandering” on your way home. If you simply don’t want to be in the car, there is always the “fastest route” option on your GPS and you can drive straight through and still not have the restrictions of air travel. Those are my thoughts anyway!


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