The Grass IS Greener

If you haven’t experienced the true joys of road tripping, you are missing out.  Let me paint the picture for you. Imagine cruisin’ along, music from you newly composed “Adventure” playlist blasting (or if you prefer, playing mellowly), while you watch the landscape gradually changing. A cityscape, tall buildings, intriguing graffiti on the overpasses and trains sitting on the tracks gives way to fields and farms until you find yourself voyaging through forests, the light flashing between the majestic trees, keeping your eyes open for native wildlife, a moose perhaps.

Suddenly you find yourself cruising through impossibly high rock walls, water trickling down them. How about those splendid roadside waterfalls? Maybe the cornfields give way to vast open spaces, the last of the great rolling prairies, where you can see for miles in every direction, then you trek into the desert, awe- inspiring red rock towers strewn across the landscape. The car begins to climb, gradually at first, then you downshift as the ascent increases in scale, climbing the magnificent mountains you saw off in the distance. Ahead you notice the gaping black mouth of a tunnel, sending you through the mountain, conjuring images of dwarves mining for diamonds if you’ve any imagination.  As the light at the end of the tunnel gets bigger, you see snow on the other side and it’s July! Back down the mountain you go after stopping off to lob a few snowballs while you can.

You descend back into the forest, lush and lively.  You see a roadside turnout, so you pull in and a short walk through the woods deposits you creekside, but this isn’t just a tiny creek winding through the trees though that would be lovely; No, you find yourself among dozens of small waterfalls and rock formations that invite you to play. IMG_0191

Or, maybe you’re driving along a rural road and ahead you see a covered bridge and an old fashioned country store with a genuine 1800’s wagon out front. Inside you find locally made jelly’s and jams alongside fresh maple syrup and dozens of handmade items, perfect for all of those on your Christmas list.

Or, maybe you are driving through the warm south and you notice a gas station boasting a chance to pet baby alligators. Who wouldn’t want that opportunity?

Maybe you stop off in a quaint small town with tons of little mom & pop shops and 4 different antique stores.

Perhaps you notice a sign for an exit off of the highway that happens to be the birthplace of one of your favorite historical figures and now you get the chance to tour the house made museum!

Maybe you have your favorite people in the car and an ongoing game of travel bingo- who can spot the first antelope? The first red barn? Maybe you’re all listening to an audio book that’s a family favorite or brand new to everyone. How about a game of mad libs? You see, the possibilities are endless when you’re in the driver’s seat. It’s possible you’ve been saving money by driving to your vacation destinations but you always try to get from A to B as quickly as possible, if so you’re still missing out on what could be. The point is, you just never know what you’ll come across as you roadtrip across this great nation. Think of all you’ve been missing! It’s time to begin a new kind of adventure.

When you’re in charge, when the time is completely yours to design, your stories, memories and pictures will include the voyage as well as the destination. How many times have you heard, “It’s just as much about the journey as the destination,” or “stop and smell the roses along the way.” That’s true for everything in life.

IMG_0078Some of the best stories come from the journey, in fact, along the journey you have time to tell and listen to the many stories that make up a life. Join me on an expedition into the landscapes that lie beyond our own front door. Together we can all take part in the discovery. What have you been missing along the way? I challenge you to dream about the possibilities. Climb in and let’s head out, the road is waiting…

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